Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blog closed

This blog will reopen one day. Thank you for your patience.
In the meantime, feel free to send hints our way.


Angela said...

Dear Flaggy,

Please come back! I just found you! I think I love you!! I am so sick of flagging all of these people, only to have the asshats at Etsy ignore it and BUY from them, put them in the Storque, etc.

Oh yeah, and I think you should add idea2lifestyle back to your list because that is another Aida Coronado situation.

Come back. Please! xoxo

Alicia M Prater said...

Just wanted to pass this along

is listed as handmade, but it's actually from here

Margaret said...

Can't wait till you are back up!!

wuntunhunny said...

'Vintage sunglasses'??
I think not! FLAGGED!!!

Anonymous said...

Yup, idea2lifestyle is sure one. Please look at these 2 listings from 2 different shops at same location.

Same item, same picture. Seems to tell me that the designs are mass-produced or they are resellers..