Saturday, April 25, 2009

Megamimoon and Lovelina

Megamimoon at etsy

From Asiance magazine

ASIANCE: Do you sew or just do design?
Catherine: I trained in sewing for 3 years in my design program and still never got the hang of it. I sewed a skirt for myself once to attend the ballet in San Francisco. It fell apart at the seams while I was on my way home! I'd feel pretty badly about subjecting my consumers to such poor workmanship, therefore I do what I'm good at, design, then leave the rest to professionals. I have a really good working relationship with my contractors, I work with them every step of the way, and everything is done locally so I know for sure that every part of the Lovelina Collection creation process is under fair labor conditions.


ThingsThatShouldNotBe said...

This Should Not Be

Belle said...

And to think I was THIS close to buying from her... but I just knew her clothes and pics were too good to be true... and I messaged her and her answers were vague, like she doesn't even know anything about fashion besides drawing it.

Zoe said...

Same here, Belle.

Michele said...

Design DOES count - Etsy's rules are so inconsistent between product types, that people who don't even do as much work as this are considered legitimate 'handmade' sellers. As in, buy clip art, print it on a tshirt or a piece of paper, you're handmade. Wow.

Designing clothing is a lot more 'handmade' than that, even if you don't sew it. Like graphic design? It takes skill and ideas. SO, the only thing wrong with that is how poorly thought out Etsy's rules are.