Monday, June 16, 2008

First post: emantra.


marjie said...

These are sold on every street corner in Bangkok.

Say What!? said...

I bought from this seller and I complained to Etsy because after buying from "2 different sellers" of Thai pants they ended up being IDENTICAL.

Etsy told me I had to provide proof, yada yada so much proof that it made me feel that they were siding with the resellers.

Etsy doesn't give a shit. Period.

Alyssa said...

I'm sure it's conceivable to buy 2 of... any number of items, and have them be essentially identical. My understanding is that the technique for making this style of pants is something that has been done for a very long time. With this in mind, it seems like *most* thai pants, whether made by one person in their home, or a massive group of people for a company, are going to be identical.

The proof seems to be the fact that this seller's name is the same as a website that is clearly not the work of a single artisan or collective.