Monday, June 16, 2008


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All items handcrafted .. no machines
Suedesac can be deemed as a collective.It consists of 2 individuals,Nisha Kutty (me) and Junaid Maldar.

Moon Way

Best Pick: Leather bags for women
Price: Rs 250-1000
Shop scan: It provides you with the most stylish office leather bags available in various shapes, sizes and colours. The bags here are exclusively designed by shop owner Junaid Maldar and are different from the rest. Apart from bags, Moon Way also deals in wallets, mobile covers, belts, leather as well as non-leather jackets all for a song with discounts up to 40%.

On one of her trips to Mumbai, Nisha had a bag designed in a funky combination of pink and red as well as a laptop bag in silver, white and orange. They were a hit with her friends in New York and orders for them poured in.

From a buyer:
nice bag, but with a note "each product is handcrafted in india using the finest quality materials".

Another buyer:
Don't usually leave negative feedback-but I did not like this bag-just not for my taste. This shop at the time of sale did not have a return policy-I have asked for a refund. $80.00 plus shipping is a lot for something one will not use nor likes. My disatisfaction is due to the complete lack of regard and disrespect for this purchase-as I have still yet to discuss a return or exchange with the seller-NO RESPONSE!!!! I do not recommend this seller. And this product is not handmade as is described-it is made and manufactured in India! And I assure you-it is not sewn by hand. Many discrepancies in this sale, as well as poor communication and customer satifaction.


The Disgruntled One said...

Fascinating. The seller's profile states that all items are handcrafted, no machines are used. Clearly not true! Also it notes that, although each item is handmade by the two people who run the shop, if they're "out of stock in NYC, they also have a workshop in Mumbai". WTF.

The Disgruntled One said...

There's another seller you should checkout:

Clearly this is a showroom for furniture not made by the sellers. It's one of Etsy Admin's faves, though, so they keep getting featured.

Anonymous said...

No machines? Let me guess, they use their teeth.

Those two must be exhausted.

marie said...

I bet admin won't do anything about these people until word spreads, and hell is raised in the forums.

I bet someone flagged these people before, and admin told them to change the listing to say they handmade everything. But the feedback still shows the truth.

I bet if admin can change the wording in sold listings, they can change the wording in feedback too. Who wants to make a bet on that??

Anonymous said...

re: rubber furniture
Produced in Holland , Ships from Ohio, and the seller is in New York?
So that seller never even touches or SEES the furniture!

Anonymous said...

She is a fashion photographer from NYC, now moved back to India. The second person quoted in the profile is a business man who owns a leather products retail shop in a neighbourhoood in Mumbai that's famous for cheap leather goods such as belts and bags.

If you look at her website, you'll see that she shot fashion photographs for her own line, which goes under "Suede" outside of Etsy.

If you read recent interviews with her, you'll learn that she is said to "have launched" her own bag and accessoires line, but it is obvious that her part in this has few to do with actual work in the sense of cutting and sewing. You can rest assured that this isn't a "cooperative" either.

She left a negative feedback for a customer who mentioned that there is an inconsistency between her listings, the profile and the actual product received in mail.

Surprising that all this isn't mentioned in the post, since it's easily researchable.

Anonymous said...

how come that negative comment is gone??

Flag With Me said...

oh wow, just wow...

Another case of admin's feedback manipulation?