Wednesday, June 18, 2008


kitty momma said...

I went to the links provided and could not find the picture or the garments suggested to be wholesale items. Are they on subsequent pages? If so, can you cut and paste pics? Otherwise they may initially appear to be what you suggest but there is not anything to back it up.

wtf said...

Just a humble suggestion: Maybe when you post links to the websites where the mass-produced items are listed, you could post a link directly to the item pictured. Otherwise people have a hard time finding them (or never do) and then they question your credibility. Just my 2 cents; take it or leave it.

FWIW, I think this needed to be done, so thanks for doing it.

woolies said...

OMG I just saw this shop today - maybe because she was on the FRONT PAGE???? And immediately it is so obvious that she is not making these clothes all by herself. The pics are from a catalog, I'm sure.

Flag With Me said...

I just changed the post with clearer evidences.

kitty momma said...

okay this is wow
just wow

thanks for posting the new pics

wtf said...

thanks. if only everyone *cough cough* was so responsive to feedback.

Flag With Me said...

You are very welcome!

el-stinko-armpit said...

OMG! Etsy admin has not closed this shop? I guess this proves that the Etsy staff does not have one functioning brain among them all that they can pass around like they pass around...whatever.

Seriously, I saw a teevee program about a very large Mennonite family who were building and then stocking a small handicraft shop on their property. The daughters were sewing the clothes, and WOW! they could put together a garment in very little time. But it still took a lot of hours to fill a small display rack with clothing. No way could they be producing enough to offer discounts for 50 and 100 items, or offer to fill a shop in my hometown with their wares. Fercryinoutloud, Etsy, catch a clue! Family owned does not necessarily comply with Etsy's TOU.

locking4change said...

mass producers on the front page? say it isn't so!

FlagHag said...

I hate to say it but if you see slick photos of clothing with Asian models, there is a good chance its mass produced. Not always the case of course, and its not just Asia.

I've reported so many shops like this one (with the web links) and nothing. I shudder to think how easy it is to convince Admin something meets the TOU.

kitty momma said...

this shop no has no more items left for sale but has changed the announcement and profile w/extensive explantions about how it is a one person sewing operation

Anonymous said...

"but has changed the announcement and profile w/extensive explantions about how it is a one person sewing operation"

Interesting. I have to wonder whether Etsy encouraged her to change her profile or if she did it on her own. I once had faith in Etsy but after seeing how they edited the closed bead liar listings, I now think anything is possible.

Anonymous said...

nothing listed anymore!

Anonymous said...

"I was trained at a young age to do sewing by my family, and now, I can do 5-6 dresses in a day, no problem at all :) In recent years, I am so glad to be able to explore the creativity side of me and finally taken a role in designing.

Hence, because now I spend most of my time on designing, I can only sell 1-2 pieces on Etsy which are made by me."

Yep. It sure looks like someone received some coaching in how to write a profile that won't attract attention.

It's completely at odds with her past sales but who cares about facts? Certainly not Etsy.

MajorFuckingEtsyBurnout said...

el-stinko-armpit said...
OMG! Etsy admin has not closed this shop?

el-stinko you silly! Etsy simply contacts the offending seller (i.e 1% OF FLAGGED SELLERS) and then gently says, as if talking to a child "Sweetie-pie, you make it yourself?"

And all the seller has to do is say "Yes, mommy". Etsy says, "There there, all better now! Why don't you put a little note in your shop so these annoying meanies can stop bugging us to actually put down guitar hero and do our jobs, kay?"

"Oh, there it is, great job! Now we will feature you in Etsy Finds and our front page ALL THE TIME. Do you want a cookie too? Okay, great sweetie."

el-stinko-armpit said...

Style by Shez has another reseller outlet on Etsy. fashionplayground looks like a reseller for a bunch of Korean fashion lines based on the sales literature photos in their listings. This sold item is clearly marked Style by Shez:

SelfRighteousHarpy said...

She's baaaaack!

here as two separate sellers -- for dresses and for tshirts.
The closed shop:
The newly opened shop:
The osogirly web with all of them:

The new store for dresses, shezzy:
reveals in the profile/bio which sister shop does the tee shirts.

Typical asian/Korean photography style.

lookin thru the cached to find matches.

Anonymous said...

In my darker moments I don't think Etsy cares anymore. I don't think they care that their reputation will suffer and buyers/sellers of handmade goods will leave.
I'm losing faith. I only wish they would stop claiming to be handmade/vintage/supplies. Quit misleading everyone and just admit you're the newer, cuter ebay.
God, that's depressing.po